Operating System.

Operating System is a type of system software,which has a set of programs containing instructions that functions to control most or all of the actions among hardware resources.Functions of operating system varies from Starting and shutting down a computer,providing a user interface,managing programs,managing memory,coordinating tasks,establishing an internet connection,providing file management and other utilities,and automatically updating itself and certain utility programs.There are some operating system which allows its users to control a network and administer security.An operating system can run from an optical disc or flash memory mobile media,in common cases,the OS is installed and resides on the computer’s hard disk.In smartphones,the Operating system reside on a ROM chip.

Sizes of operating system varies in computers because they are written to run on specific type of computer.Mainframe computers does not use the same operating system as a personal computer.when purchasing an application software,one should be sure that it works with the operating system installed on the computer or mobile device.The operating system that a computer uses could also be refered to as the platform.A cross -platform program is one that runs the same on multiple operating systems.The operating system handles many functions automatically,without requiring any instructions from the user.Functions of Operating system includes the following.

Starting and shorting down a computer: The process of starting or restarting of a computer is refered to as Booting.there are two types of booting,which are warm boot and cold boot.A typical illustration of warm boot is turning on a computer that has been powered off completely,while warm boot is the process of using the operating system to restart a computer.A warm boot properly closes any running processes and programs,but it does not save any unsaved work.With windows you can perform a warm boot by clicking on the start button on the task bar ,clicking the arrow next to the shut down button on the start menu,and then clicking restart.When you install a new software,often an on-screen prompt instructs you to restart the computer.In this case a warn boot is most appropriate to use.Each time you boot a computer,the kernel and other frequently used operating system instructions are loaded ,copied,from storage into the computer’s memory.The kernel manages memory and devices,maintains the computer’s clock,starts programs,data and information.

Providing a Graphic user Interface:Computer users work with a Graphical user interface(GUI),this controls how you enter data and instructions and hoe information is displayed on the screen.Most recent GUI operating systems incorporate futures similar to those of a web browser,e.g links and navigation buttons.some GUI operating systems provide access to command -line interface.Windows for example, offers two different GUIs,depending on the hardware configuration.computers with less than 1 GB of RAM work with windows 7 Basic interface,while computers with with more than 1GB of RAM that has the required hardware may be able to work with the windows 7 Aero interface,which provides an enhanced visual look,additional navigation options and animation.

Managing Programs:some operating system support a single user and only one program running at a time.others support thousands of users running multiple programs.A single user/single tasking operating system allows only one user to run one program at a time.for instance,if you are working on windows media players and you want to check your e-mail,you have to quit the windows media player program before you can run your e-mail program.smart phone and other mobile device are typical examples of single user/single tasking.A single user/multitasking operating system allows a single user to run more than one program.for instance e-mail program and windows media player can run simultaneously.when a computer is running two programs at the same time,one program is in the foreground and the others in the background.The one in the foreground is active program(in use).the other programs running but not in use are in the background.The foreground program usually displays on the desktop,while the background programs are hidden partially or completely behind the foreground program.

Managing Memory:The purpose of memory management is to optimize the use of random access memory(RAM).The operating system allocates,or assigns data and instructions to an area of memory while they are being processed.then,it carefully monitors the contents of memory.lastly,the OS releases these items from being monitored in memory when the processor no longer requires them.If you have multiple programs running simultaneously ,it is possible to run out of RAM.If the RAM is exhausted,the operating system may have to use virtual memory.operating system allocates a portion of a storage medium,usually the hard disk,to function as additional RAM with Virtual memory.As you interact with a program,part of it may be in physical RAM,while the rest of it is on the hard disk as virtual memory.Virtual memory is slower than RAM ,this is why a user may notice the computer slowing down while it uses virtual memory.

Coordinating Tasks:The operating system determines the order in which tasks are processed.A task,or job,is an operation the processor manages.This includes receiving data from an input device,and transferring items from storage to memory and from memory to storage.Multiuser operating system does not always process tasks on first come ,first served basis.sometimes,one user may have a higher priority than other users.In this case,the operating system adjusts the schedule of tasks.a device already may be busy processing one task when it receives a second task.This occurs because the processor at a much faster rate of speed compared to the peripheral devices.for example,if the processor sends five documents to a printer,the printer can print only one at a time and store as many documents as its memory can handle.While waiting for the device to be idle,the operating system places items in buffers.A buffer is a segment of memory in which items are placed while waiting to be transfered from an input device or to an output device.

Providing file management and other Utilities:Operating systems often provide users with the capability of managing files,searching for files,viewing images,securing a computer from unauthorised access,uninstalling programs,cleaning up disks,defragmenting disks,diagnosing problems,backing up files and disks,and setting up screen savers.

Updating Software Automatically:Many popular programs,including most operating systems,include an automatic update future that automatically provides updates to the program.with an operating system,these updates can include fixes to program bugs,or errors,enhancement to security,modifications to device drivers,access to new or expanded components such as desktop themes or games.Many software makers provide free downloadable updates,sometimes called a service pack,to users who have registered or activated their software.With operating systems,the automatic update future automatically alerts users when an update is available,further it can be configured to download and install the update automatically.

Controlling Networks:Some operating systems are designed to work with a server on a network.A server operating system is an operating system that organizes and coordinates how multiple users access and shares resources on a network.some operating systems have network futures built into them.In other cases,the server operating system is a set of programs separate from the client computers that access the network.When not connected to the network,the server operating system may assume some of the operating system functions. Compare colour laser printers provides color print output which are compatible with a wide range of operating systems.

Moving to France? You’d better get ready to apply for your Carte Grise on arrival

If you have been inquiring about buying or selling a car in France, you will no doubt have heard the word “Carte Grise” mentioned many times during the conversation. Without the all important carte grise or vehicle registration document there’s no way you can drive, or sell a vehicle on French soil and the reason why its considered the most important document required for the process. At the same time, it’s in your interest to know that you should never buy a car unless the owner is able to submit his carte grise for your inspection because you’re going to need this to register the vehicle in your name.

France is a country that’s chock a block with bureaucracy and unless you have all the paper work in pristine order, you will not be able to get any work done. If you’re planning to move to France or live there for more than 6 months, its best that you learn all the rules and regulations of driving in France because the French police is very particular about foreigners driving on their roads and polluting the environment. They can pull you up for the slightest reason and not having the carte grise with you will not be considered a minor reason whatsoever.

The French vehicle registration certificate among other information will contain the registration number of the vehicle, name and address of owner, vehicle details such as the year of manufacture, chassis number etc. and that it conforms to European standards. Once in France, you will realize that you must have a car to see all those scenic places and idyllic villages in the countryside, but never ever get caught without the carte grise because you will not only be fined heavily but also remanded without any excuse being acceptable.

If you bring your used car from the country you have been living in, you will only realize once you get into France that it would have been better to part with it before setting foot in France and buy a new or used car from within the country. This is mainly because of the complex procedure and the various documents you will be expected to produce when applying for a new registration for the imported vehicle. Apart from your old certificate of registration, you will also have to produce a letter from the manufacturer confirming that your vehicle is good enough to be used on French roads.

Among other documents you need are your passport, and utility bill to attest to your residency on French soil and a certificate from a testing station of which there are many in the country, to the affect that the vehicle concerned meets the technical specifications as per the country’s regulations. Be warned that you will have just one month after your arrival in Franceto get your carte grise after which you will not be allowed to drive with your old license plates. Once you have all the documents in hand, you can send it by post or hand them over to the local prefecture for processing. If everything is in order, you will receive your carte grise within 4 to 5 days so that you can go ahead with the preparation of your license plates giving you full authority to drive on French roads.

Monica Vinader brings out the Real Woman in you

People like you and I, from where do we buy our jewelry? Not from Cartier, Vancleef or Tiffany for sure because they are way beyond our meager salaries and just the insurance on these expensive adornments would be more valuable than we ever could be. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have the best of them at more affordable prices and flaunt them too without worrying about our safety and that of the jewelry all the time.

That’s one of the main reasons why Monica Vinader jewelry has become so popular in such a short time. From the time she introduced her most popular collection of Fiji bracelets, there hasn’t been a woman on earth who didn’t want to possess one of them. Made out of sterling silver with an adjustable band to fit any wrist, they came in various colors and unique symbols with each bracelet having a message of its own to characterize its owner. That’s how Monica Vinader became so popular in the world of jewelry and one could think it even incredible how such a simple concept became a global fashion that could take its creator to such heights.

Monica was born in Spain; but being a true explorer at heart and a lover of nature she fed her curiosity by traveling the world to find strange and beautiful objects from all corners of the universe. It was nature and the elements that inspired her and Monica transferred all the passion and wonders of her travels to works of art by creating marvelous pieces of jewelry that had Monica Vinader’s stamp of individuality on them. She was not one for ostentatious jewelry, but preferred simple and natural lines and made her own settings out of rose gold or sterling silver to bring out the true beauty of the semi precious stones she used in them.

Although she started her business for a small private clientele; such talent could never be hidden for long and it wasn’t long before the name Monica Vinader was being whispered from ear to ear and her exquisite collection of jewelry was showcased right across the globe in most of the major cities from UK to Japan to USA. Celebrities no less than Keira Knightly, Cameron Diaz, and Danni Minnogue among others are said to own and treasure Monica’s jewelry which itself is proof enough of her talent and popularity. But this in no way means that lesser mortals like you and I cannot own these pretty pieces because they are well within our means and has a large collection to choose from as well.

Women wear jewelry for many reasons and all of them say “Look at me, I’m Unique” Wearing Monica Vinader jewelry means all that and more because they not only add to your stature and personality but brings out the woman within you to make you an individual who doesn’t want to be branded with everyone else. This is amply proved on her website where it’s possible for you to design your very own Monica Vinader necklace by selecting pieces of your choice to create something that is completely you, and not the shadow of some other woman.

JavaScript: The Good Parts Review

All those computer professionals searching for detailed and effective reading material regarding Java Script should consider “Java Script: The Good Parts”. The book has been written by Douglas Crockford and has sufficient and good reading material for computer students and professionals. His recurrent blog posts, articles and other websites related to diverse computer languages are also noteworthy. His blogs and articles have supported the JavaScript and other related computer languages in the most perfect manner. Users from all over the world are deeply satisfied by his computer publications that are detailed, accurate and specific. This book is extremely useful for all those computer aspirants willing to make a career in computer industry. The book may be the best possible alternative for novices and experienced individuals also. Each and every aspect of JavaScript is comprehensively written in the book thereby enhancing its effectiveness and meticulousness. All the references and other details with respect to JavaScript are intelligently written in this book by Douglas Crockford.

It has been observed that the book is a clever combination of component language briefing, apologia along with part critique. As a result readers will be able to interpret each and every aspect of JavaScript in the most perfect technique according to their expectations. Critics have an opinion that the book draws inspiration and has relevant content from the author’s earlier articles and blogs concerning JavaScript. The basic idea of the book is to impart enough information to readers about how to use JavaScript in the most authentic technique and how one should avoid errors while executing this language. The overall language of the book is very simple and straightforward without any inhibitions. Hence each and every reader will be able to understand the meaning of the content. The book’s intention is to separate the good parts of JavaScript from any bad parts so that a reader could understand the entire content systematically.


The author seeks to portray the supremacy and expressiveness of this effective computer language in the easiest technique for its readers. On the other hand he tries to incorporate accurate prototypal heritage, unparalleled functions, conclusions, energetic objects, and entity/array literal sentence structure. In order to give the finest interpretation of the language he illustrates the low level functions, types, operatives, reports and syntax in the most methodical manner avoiding errors. Therefore readers are very satisfied by the clear and uncomplicated interpretation of this book.

Douglas Crockford while writing this book tries to include each and every detail pertaining to JavaScript and weighs each sentence quite systematically in order to make it certain that his work introduces novel concepts that may be useful for readers over the world. Throughout his writing, he includes the plain, simple and concise style of writing that could be helpful for both novices and experienced. Students and other computer professionals would definitely appreciate the style of writing in this book without any doubt. The book tries to portray the difficult aspects of JavaScript in the simplest technique.


It is indeed serious!

Granted the computer is an integral part of our lives. Be it a desk top or a lap top, or any other such device, the importance of the computer cannot be overemphasized. Whatever the data is that the hard drive is holding, it is important to the individual who has generated and carefully saved it for future use. The personal computer has become a faithful companion all through our lives that any small damage to the equipment is considered a wound on our own selves. Indeed this is serious and more so because of the preciousness of the data it has stored. As matter of fact, it is taken as an extension of oneself and demands the care and attention that a human being might need in its upkeep and preservation. The well maintained hard drive is worth the amount the owner puts on it. For some it would mean the world by virtue of what is holding in itself. The data lost is so precious that the years that were spent in generating and safeguarding goes in vain when the hard disk crashes.

The antidote!

Technology has developed so far that it is capable of reaching into the hard drive in order to detect the reasons for a hard drive failure and if the hard drive can actually be repaired. Here is where the help of the hard drive data recovery service provider comes handy and lifts you off the quandary situation.nit is true that the data saved inside the hard disk is what makes or breaks an individual’s career sometimes as it is as important as life itself and when a lifetime’s work is lost, the cost of beginning it all together is quite an onerous task and some of the data may be lost forever never o be had again which might put a career on risk.

The process:

The process of data recovery starts with the detection and examination of the computer hard disk which can be detached from the personal computer and taken to the service provider’s office where it is done diligently and carefully. The data recovery is done by using the best of software available for the same exact purpose. The data that is considered most important is retrieved first and the recovery can be carried out on any brand of hard disk such as the Mac, the Unix, DOS, windows, Linux and other platforms. This makes it a versatile system to work with. When it involves business data, the risk of losing such data has to be felt to be realized as it involves the very future of the business and every care and attention is paid to recover this valuable data from the hard disk.

It is expert work!

When it comes to data recovery, the job involves the right kind of talent and also to take a decision about what can actually be recovered from the hard drive. The expert also examines if it is possible to retrieve the data at all. The seriousness of the damage caused to the disk also can be found in this case. The percentage of data that can be retrieved, and if the disk is dead can be found if an expert is involved.

Safety measures:

As far as the hard disk of a computer is concerned, the prevention of damage is prudent than to go after recovering the data from a dead hard disk. Antivirus installation is essential in this case it is better than taking it to the hard drive data recovery services provider.

IPhone m-commerce Solution

The dictionary meaning of the word mobile is “able to move or be moved freely or easily”. Mobile phones just translate this meaning into reality. When mobility and commerce comes together we get m-commerce, a new and revolutionary way of looking at business. Mobile development has seen stupendous growth in recent years so much so that market analysts are saying that going mobile is the way to boost any business. iPhone developers are pioneers in smartphone application development and have understood the m-commerce structure very well and thus, today we see many iPhone development undertakings around the world.

Today a person who is always on the move can easily purchase anything without having to sit in front of a computer and searching for an item. We see many mobile developers who are dedicatedly making m-commerce applications for smartphones. In such a scenario, it is pretty obvious that iPhone, the market leaders in smartphone technology, have many applications for m-commerce. iPhone android development has further advanced the system with high-end displays and barcode scanners such that customers can also check whether they are buying genuine products or not. The payment gateway is also very secured making things much better for the users. More and more businesses are targeting the iPhones as it offers affordable rates for small and medium business. Many offshore companies such as Evon Technologies in India have dedicated mobile development teams specializing in iPhone m-commerce solutions. Outsourcing work to these companies is the cheapest way of get an iPhone developers make an m-commerce app for your company.M-commerce applications for iPhone android development

PayPal iPhone App: iPhone developers have made the biggest and the most widely used virtual bank, PayPal, go mobile and it just helps users in more ways than one. You can now send money using your handheld device in the most secured manner. Amazon iPhone App: Best of the books are always found on Amazon and if you are an avid reader but are always on the move, this application for the mobile is the thing for you. Within Amazon, you will also get to visit many other merchant sites for your other shopping needs. eBay on iPhone: If eBay was the favorite choice in e-commerce, iPhone development saw thatit remained the same for mobile users too. All the told that were used on the web version can be accessed in the mobile versions. The barcode reader is the advancement of technology here making your shopping secured.

If these are the major businesses venturing into mobile commerce, there are many smaller companies doing the same too and reaching niche markets with the help of mobile developers. Smartphone application developmentcan change the way people shop online now.

Ipad tablet Social media Software – Tends to make Your daily life Content

ipad tablet can be a modern system. This is a smooth personal computer together with 50 percent a great ” fullness. It is rather helpful system you could input it within your hands because it weight load only 1 and also 50 percent single pound. It is possible to carry it in a palm along with your one more palm could be absolve to function that. Battery power living is approximately 10 hrs and that means you will not need to to be able to get worried regarding re charging that regularly. The display screen provides variable feel receptors that offers an individual awesome knowledge. It is possible to turn the particular factors plus it alter immediately as a result of accelerometer. An incredible system without a doubt.

That permits third-party computer software advancement as a result you will find several beneficial computer software regarding ipad tablet utilize about iTunes retailer. Social media can be a excitement phrase today per day as a result you will find several software inside iTunes retailer. Every person provides active plan and so they scarcely identified whenever to be able to couch facing personal computer and also help make their particular sociable associates about Fb, Myspace . com and also Twitting. ipad tablet offers an possibility so they can acquire linked to social support systems.

It’s likely you have enough causes to meet your daily life together with pleasure with the aid of ipad tablet programs. ipad tablet social media programs aids the particular end-user inside pursuing techniques:

Exhibit regarding Photos: ipad tablet provides silver screen and also very best answers to produce photos. It’s got powerful graphic manifestation capacity. That displays clean artwork which means that your photograph seems finest inside ipad tablet. Shade exhibit is at majestic techniques.

Swap regarding TXT: With the aid of ipad tablet social media programs it is possible to filtration the sociable info and also coordinating sociable teams at the same time.

Usage of GPS DEVICE: That helps one to effortlessly identify the goals with the aid of GPS DEVICE and also Yahoo companies. It is possible to identify you aren’t the particular handful of taps of one’s hands.

Multiplayer game titles: There is certainly plethora regarding variable person game titles about ipad tablet. It is possible to enjoy these kinds of game titles together with identified or perhaps unidentified participants that are inside location regarding an individual or perhaps far from an individual.

ipad tablet social media programs combine social media marketing software within your ipad tablet and also tends to make your daily life effortless. You will make contact with friends and family and also followers effortlessly, up-date the position, help make feedback, just like or perhaps hate their particular position therefore a great many other routines about sociable medias. It is possible to twitter updates about twitting regularly with the aid of Twitting programs, acquire expertly related with the aid of LinkedIn programs community. It is possible to deliver laughs around the confronts of one’s youngsters since there are several game titles available on iTunes Retailer.

Investing in new hardware and a brand new monitor was money well spent

Why aren’t people satisfied with black computer cases? After all they look dignified and elegant but then who am I to argue when everyone seems to want way out looking gaming cases for their computers. Some are even more interested in their computer cases and how to design them rather than what’s installed inside. After all shouldn’t they know what type of computer motherboard it has and how functional it is for all the games they hope to play and the graphics they’re planning to create?

Would you believe that very recently I saw some gaming cases that were beyond my imagination? One looked like a nuclear warhead another like a post office and one made me really squirm because it looked like; oh never mind what it looked like. Honestly I can’t believe the extent people would go to look ridiculous. As for those carnival like lights inside, Heaven help me because those gaming cases looked more like a disco that I went to once and never wanted to be seen in again.

But thank god that the computer motherboard is still safely inside the computer case because I dare not think what it will look like if someone got the bright idea of sticking it outside. One thing we must be happy about is the number of ports they have built into the present day computer motherboard because now we have enough and more slots to connect our USB cables, flash drives, camera devices etc. without having to remove one to plug in another.

Likewise there are other intelligent options today such as computer RAM and graphics card that are becoming more and more necessary to carry out the multitude of tasks that we’re expected to do in office and at home. Being able to play more exciting video games is one great benefit I have obtained by installing a powerful Graphics card because now I feel that I’m one with the game that comes to life with the new graphics in it. The same can be said for the sound card that makes all those crashes and screeches sound so real.

Being able to play more games also became possible in view of the extra Computer RAM that was added to my computer recently. But this was not exactly why I had to go for extra RAM. It was when my computer started slowing down that I had to take advice from an expert who requested me to get additional Computer RAM installed because I was running short of memory and that it would become worse in the future. Now my computer is performing smoothly and purring like a kitten and I have no problem in accessing any website I want to or play a game of my choice.

But none of these would have been of any use if not for my brand new computer monitor that provides the most amazing display of color and contrast not to mention the clarity of images that I never used to experience with my old small CRT monitor. It did cost me a little bit more than I expected because I wanted the biggest and the best computer monitor that money could buy, and boy, am I glad that I did because the monies invested in these parts and accessories are well worth the month I spent I can tell you.

Interested in Getting A Remote Controlled Helicopter

The hobby of remote control gadgets have become popular among people of all background and the fact that this activity is rewarding and entertaining has made people realize that they want to own their personal remote control helicopter. Although there was a time when people only wanted a new rc buggy or rc car, but today people want more space to operate there radio control toys and therefore a rc chopper is the best toy to have fun and enjoy the huge space.

There are various activities that one can do using his or her flying birds. One can establish and develop various situations using objects and personal items to make a scene that will allow him to perform tricks in tight spaces using his cool gadget. With so many choices it is not difficult to find a toy, but the hardest part is to decide on a chopper that will fulfil your needs and demands. There are certain things and factors that one need to consider before making their final decision when buying a new rc helicopter.

Firstly, you must decide what you want to do with your chopper. Well, if it is the first time that you are getting into this hobby, then you do not need to spend too much on your purchase. You can easily find a low priced indoor radio controlled helicopters will help you learn the tricks and skills you need to develop before you get into bigger birds. On the other hand if you need a rc helicopter for specific professional tasks such as filming. You need to figure out different characteristics of rc helis and decide which one will be able to hold a camera that you want to use. Additionally, you might buy a rc copter with camera already attached to it.

Secondly, one must decide what kind of engine does he need for his radio control heli. There are mainly two kind of engine: electric or gas powered engine. Both have their own benefits and disadvantages. Primarily, the electric engine are cheaper compared to gas powered chopper and require little maintenance. On the other side a gas powered chopper is difficult to fly and will last longer and will cost more than electric powered helicopters.

If you consider the above two points, it is guaranteed that you will be able to find a suitable rc helicopter. It is extremely important that you avoid getting into the hobby thinking that it is easy. Honestly, it is a difficult hobby and also can get a bit expensive. Therefore, it is important not to spend too much on your first helicopter and it is recommended that one buy a mini indoor remote controlled helicopter as his or her first practice chopper. Because of their size, they are easy to fly and learn and will not cause much damage when crashed. So, take time and study all the pros and cons of getting into this hobby and read some of the guides presented online on various websites. Also, it is a good choice to join a local rc hobby club or join an online forums, where you will find people interested in the same and and people who can give you a little guidance when need it the most.

Intel Core i7- A processor for your bigger needs

Talk about speed, people starts picturing Intel processors. Everyone has been discussing a lot about Intel core i7 technology, the one with better efficiency and faster processing speed. There was a time when chips were as large as a room, but now with core i7 chips, you can imagine chips going to the size of microns. You can’t consider Intel core i7 apart from previous chips developed by Intel but can consider it being the one with more advanced features. Interestingly, they will be marketed in such a way that laptops and computers equipped with core i7 chips won’t be a burden on buyer’s pocket.

Intel core i7 has very detailed specifications where the manufacturers have tried their best to make it better from the previous Intel products. Processor comes with 8 MB cache and 2600K processing speed. When it comes to socket, you get LGA1155 sockets. Talking about graphics, it has integrated graphics with a graphics base frequency of 850 MHz and 1100GHz of graphics maximum dynamic frequency. Memory has always been a significant factor when taking Intel chips into consideration. Intel has not left anyone disappointed and instead made everyone surprised by offering DDR3 SDRAM along with two memory channels. They have provided users and laptop manufactures with a thermal guideline of 95W.With all these features, Intel core i7 proves that it could do wonders to any laptop or desktop once equipped in it. Fortunately, many laptops are finally released in the market with core i7 processors offering you with fastest speed which no ever imagined. With the amazing response it got, core i7 mobile editions are out in the market too. People have already marked their excitement by willing to purchase laptops supported with mobile core i7. As you can see, there’s no other product announced by any other company who can catch up with the specifications and successful results which comes up with core i7.

Falcon Northwest knew what wonders core i7 could deliver and became the first one to launch laptops using Intel core i7 technology. Their laptops got a better record of sales as compared to their previous sales. Recently, they confirmed that they have to concentrate on efficient graphic cards to cope up with core i7 technology. Fast processing speed form Intel core i7 and excellent graphics quality is what professionals gamers desire of and they got what they expected due to a better processor called core i7.

Not only Falcon Northwest tastes the success of core i7 technology, but other laptop giants such as Cyber Power along with Smooth Creations have entered into process of using core i7 technology. The best deal as of now is none other than AVA Direct Clevo D900F Core i7 laptop. Interestingly, Amaron has not done anything to challenge Intel as far as core i7 chips are concerned. One can rely on core i7 technology as it doesn’t trouble you with speed and you can do complex programming in no time. There are lots of advanced versions to look for in core i7 technology in coming times.