Communicating With God and His Universe

Communicating With God and His Universe – Now, What Do You Really Want?

What Do You Want In Your Life? The question is not…What Do You NEED in your Life?

Most of us have conditioned ourselves to answer in the “need” mode. We live and operate in the “need” mode. We need this…or we need that. We have all said things like this (and if you haven’t…you are truly a wonderfully blessed and extraordinary person). You already know the Secret to success and abundant living. I applaud you, my Sister and my Brother.

But…if you one of the millions in this vast Universe that have ever found yourself speaking statements like the ones below…I want to share with you – The Secret – that has been waiting for you to arise out of your sleep, since before you ever existed.

“If I can just make it through to my next paycheck”; “Honey, I am just making it and I’m holding on”; “I don’t need a million dollars…I’ll be satisfied with just having my bills paid”; “Another day…another dollar”; “As long as my car is running, I’ll be okay”. “If I can just make it over to Heaven and see those pearly gates”; “I’ll be able to rest, when I retire”.

WHAT!!!? Are you listening to what you have been sending out to the Universe, for all to see and hear? Everytime you say “anything”…it’s either good or it is bad. There is no “in between”. It’s either positive or it’s negative. And…every single “negative” I know…equals up to a BIG FAT ZERO! Or Worse… a bigger minus Zero.

That can’t be what you really WANT…is it? It certainly is not what God wants for you. No wonder everything is “not” coming up roses for you.

by Glinda Chambers

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

Either you have faith…or you don’t have faith. Faith plants good seeds…and brings forth good harvest. If you don’t have faith…then you are planting bad seeds…and you will bring forth little to no harvest in your life. Good thoughts…good life. Bad thoughts…bad or rough life.

It’s time for you to start planting and watering on good ground…and your harvest will begin to overflow. You are designed to be prosperous and to live in abundance and prosperity. When you are living in prosperity, you are able to have a positive effect on the world and bring a positive difference to other lives.

Prosperity begins with a thought. It begins in our mind. This is where we communicate with God…and when we open up our minds, our thoughts, and our hearts to hear His Word…He shares with us and we receive the wisdom and knowledge to obtain everything we could ever imagine.

You have got to change your “thoughts”…and your new thoughts will change your “language”…and your new language will change your “actions”…and your new actions will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. And your New Life…can change the World.

This is so exciting, because if you will take this Power…believe it…and start acting on it…everyone around you (including yourself) will start to wonder…what is going on in your life?! But they will know and see that whatever it is…IT IS GOOD. It is wonderful…and you will have immediately switched on the “I want everything that is good for me, to come into my life…NOW” mode.

I know this…because I’ve done it and AM doing it! It’s simply, amazingly, Life Changing.

The power to change your life is resting in your own thoughts. You are thinking all the time. What are you thinking about? Is it positive? Or is it negative? Who are you communicating with?

Yes…I believe in the Law of Attraction. I believe that this is a law that God has placed in this Universe that reacts to your every word and your every thought. This force (this law) is standing by and it is always reacting and sending back to you…all that you are sending out…from your thougths and from your very lips.

You see…you are like a big magnet and, simply put, everything that you throw out to the world…like a boomerang…just comes flying right back to you. It’s the Law. Like attracts Like. Good attracts more Good. Bad attracts more Bad. There is no such thing as good luck. There are only good or bad results from your “own thinking”.

If what you send out is destined to come back to you…and it is…then wouldn’t you prefer that what comes back into your life are GOOD things? Wouldn’t you rather have riches unlimited…than rolling around in the “spirit of Lack”? (That means…running just ahead of the bill collectors).

Of course you want the best that life has to offer! You’d be insane not to want the BEST…but you’ve got to get off the corner of “Broke” Lane and “Just Making It” Boulevard…and it starts in your mind.

Who wants to be miserable? I haven’t met anyone who really loves misery. They say that misery loves company…but I can do with that little “associate”. Our God is the God of Abundance…and He has never wanted any of us to be partners with misery, pain, failure or any sign up “being poor”. Not even in your spirit. Even Solomon and David were adorned in riches that most, even today, have never attained or seen. Are you beginning to feel what I am saying?

Now speaking of “feelings”…this is very important. So, you might want to pull up a chair (go get your coffee)…and read these next words very carefully. In fact, I want you to read these words over and over until they sink into your mind and into your every existing “thought”.

Your “feelings” are tied directly to your “thoughts”. Your “feelings” are a direct monitor of your thoughts and they tell you what you are thinking. Your “feelings” are a gift to you from our God (who made this amazing Universe). He is so extraordinary and “more than wise”. He gave us this gift of “feelings” so that we could “whack” those thoughts into outer space…that threaten our minds with poison, fear…and doubt. Yes…your thoughts have placed you just where you are in your life, right now.

Your “feelings” make up this radar in your soul … that sends you signals, and sends “out” signals, about what you are really thinking. God designed your body to react, and it does, react to those feelings.

You run. You cry. You laugh. You sigh. You jump for joy. You fall down on your knees…in anguish. You fail…and give up. You conquer and…succeed. You pray. Your rejoice. Your feelings are real…and they are a reflection of your thoughts…and your thoughts are constantly designing your world. Have you designed your world the way you really want it?

The secret to living a successfully, abundant life…filled with prosperity…is to conquer your thoughts. The secret, also, is that we must take time to always talk with our Father. He has so much to teach us…and He stands ready to give us…all that we WANT. All that we Desire. We just must believe and channel our thoughts to the magnificence of His Word. His Wisdom. His Understanding.

What is it that you WANT? If you want success…you can have it. If you want money in the bank…it’s yours for the asking. If you want to be the president of your own empire…go for it. If you want that promotion…ask for it. If you want your “dream home” (and don’t you dare shoot low)…start preparing for it; it’s waiting for you to come and sit at the closing table. The keys are yours.

You can have, do and become all that God has ever wanted you to have, do and become. This is just so exciting. This awesome Universe was created for you and promises to give you an amazing life when you come to believe…that you cannot fail. If you will just believe that you are a worthy heir to the kingdom and start to conquer all the negativity that is in your life…that may reside in your thoughts…you will have found The Secret. Replace your negative thoughts with the Positive Power of good thoughts. “As a Man Thinketh…so is he”. James Allen wrote about it…but Jesus taught it.

What do You really Want?

Take a deep breath…right now and re-read this article.

Then if you will believe and begin to communicate with the Infinite God of this Universe…you will begin to re-design your world. And…You were designed to succeed.

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