Free Ways To Get More Website Traffic

Every website owner wants more traffic to their site. But it is not obvious how to get more traffic without using Google Adwords or other paid advertising services. Well here are 50 tips and tricks on how to get more free traffic to your website. Hope something in here helps you.

Use Search Engine Optimization to rank higher on Google. Mostly what you need are backlinks and some of the below tips will help you get those links.

Answer questions on forums related to your field or business area. Try to provide a link back to relevant material on your website. To find the forum just Google your keyword(s) and forum.

Answer questions on Quora. Make a free profile page and put a link in there. Post answers to relevant questions and add links back to your site. Only add those links if they relevant.

Make a Twitter profile and add a link back to your website.

Repeat above on Facebook but here make a business page and add the link. Be sure to completely fill out your profile.

Add a link to your contact info on your personal LinkedIn profile. Also add a link in the description section of your current position.

Make a business page on LinkedIn. Do not forget to fill out all the information including the link to the business site. Also make Product/Services pages for the business with even more links to your website.

Make a YouTube profile and channel. In the description of your videos add links back to your website. Also add links in the videos themselves.

Make a Pinterest account. Be sure to add links back to your website in your profile.

Make a Instagram account and add links to your profile.

Create long form blog posts. Then post them to your social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.. Do not just post once. Use a tool like Hootsuite to schedule posting the blog on multiple days and times when your users are most active.

Do guest posting on other sites. Make sure that it is ok to add a link back to your website. If not, the guest post will likely still get your name in front of a new audience who will look you up on Google if your blog post is good.

Blog on community blog sites. Some sites like Web Designer Depot will even pay you for your blog post.

Put your business in public listing directories like Yellow Pages and Hotfrog. There are a lot more directories which will list your website. Just use Google to find them.

Use Groupon to make a coupon offer for a discount on your product(s) or services to drive traffic to your website (assuming it sells something).

Use Ebay and Amazon to sell your products. Then in the shipping container, add a leaflet with your website listed on it. Maybe even throw in a coupon to use on your website.

On Hotfrog, they allow you to create coupons for your business. Take advantage of that offer because it is free and can attract new business.

Always always always put your website in the signature of your emails and newsletters. Nothing drives sales better than repeat customers.

Write an E-book with links to your website in it and Amazonwill let you give it away for free for a limited time. Also add it to the Lender’s Library program at Amazon. Put a low price on it like $.99 so people are likely to buy it. Make the E-book relevant and worthwhile. Although it is a lot of work, the book will help establish you as a thought leader as well.

Be sure you share all sales, offers, E-books, etc.. on your social media accounts. Then share it again the next day or week or month.

Make YouTube videos that provide relevant information about your subjects related to your business. Always include a link in the description of the video and a link in the video itself.

List your business on a Google My Business page so you can get reviews and please the almighty Google god.

Post to LinkedIn groups. Answer other peoples’ questions and try to be helpful. Drop a link to your site or blog every once in awhile.

Start a LinkedIn group. Make it relevant to your business. If you are a local business then target it to your local market by including the name of your state or city in the group title.

Join a Facebook group or create your own. Offer timely and relevant advice in a friendly and laid back atmosphere or style. You probably also want to share funny memes etc.. in your group. The Facebook crowd loves that kind of thing.

Create presentations on Slideshare that have links back to your site. Add the Slideshare to your personal LinkedIn page or other social media sites.

If you have a physical location. make sure to put up signs to your website and promote the benefits of going to the website such as special offers or coupons.

Get other bloggers or authors to write guest post on your blog or website. Just try reaching out to them. You might want to start with relative low visibility blogs and then work your way up the food chain. The guest bloggers have a decent chance of promoting their blog post to their followers on social media and their blog.

Have a contest where you give away a product or offer a award or certificate for other to post on their websites. Like a best of the web contest about your relevant area.

Try cross promoting products or websites with someone in a similar niche as you. Maybe through a newsletter or a joint product or service offer.

Look at what your competition is doing and copy it. You can use tools like Moz‘s Open Site Explorer or use Google to search for the url of your competitors’ website to see where your they are getting links.

Comment on other sites blog post. Try to make a relevant comment and include a link back to your site when you have a similar article or related material.

Create a second blogging website or use or Blogger and include links to your primary site on some of the pages. This one can be a lot of work but you can also use guest post to ease the publishing load off of you.

Sign up for Help a Reporter Out. If you do get contacted, be as helpful as possible. If you get mentioned in the story then that can create a significant amount of traffic for your website.

Look for blog roundup that publish the best of the week articles in your area or business field. Pitch them an article. It can make their job easier and they might look to your site in the future for more articles.

Ask questions in your blog post to get other people to share ideas similar to the ones in your post. You might want to contact these people in the future to write a blog post for you.

Be sure to add links to your other articles in your post. This way people who follow your social shares or tweets will stay on your site longer and find other information they might like to tweet or share.

Ask other blogger or website owners what they have found to be the best way to generate traffic and backlinks. You probably do not want to ask your competition but people in related fields might be willing to help.

Try to get listed on Google News. Look at their rules and how they require you to structure your post to get listed. Once listed you can be exposed to a lot of new potential visitors.

Maybe your website has a long url. If so then make a splash page or one page website with a short easy to remember name to give out on the radio or in podcast so people are more likely to remember it and visit you.

Post to Reddit and similar sites. Be helpful in your post and make sure any link you post is relevant to answering other people’s questions or redditors will roast you alive for being spammy.

Do a Reddit AMA for your area of expertise. Look for the right subreddit to post in. Sometimes these are a hit and other times you just get ask inappropriate questions.

Give your product or service away to another blogger or website and see if they will do a review of the product or service. Make sure you have a good product or this approach can backfire. Make sure to do your best job because that is what is expected.

Try the free trials of other services that can help out your business. Some sites that can help you out are Hootsuite or Moz with their 1 month free trials. Be sure to ask lots of questions in free tours or 1 on 1 sessions. Remember, it is free and you do not have to buy. Also try to score a free months service from SEO agencies where they give you a detailed plan of action to get your website ranked on Google. Then you have a free plan of action to put into effect.

Search the web for free ways to increase your traffic. There are lots of good articles out there that can help and you can find many innovative ideas.

Make a course for a site like Udemy. This course will help establish you as a thought leader and drive traffic to your website. Be sure to put out coupon offers for the course to try to drive more people to signup.

Use a blog aggregator to get your content in front of more people. Popular aggregators are Alltop, Blogarama, and Blogrific. Therea re many others you should check out as well. Also put links back to your site in your articles so people can easily check out your website.

Try to interview other people for your website. Just reach out and see if they are interested. Do the reverse as well. Try to see if any other websites would like to interview you.

Get your friends to promote your site on Facebook, LinkedIn, or just by word of mouth. If they are willing to recommend you, that can go a long ways towards getting other people to give your product(s) and website a try.

Host a webinar. People love to watch these things rather than reading the same material in a blog post. Record your webinar and post it on Youtube and your own website. Do not try to sell stuff at your first webinar and provide as much useful information as possible. The audience might ask questions that help you think up new ideas.

I hope these ideas about how to generate traffic help you out and got you thinking. If you have more ideas, please leave a comment below because I love to hear from other people. As a disclaimer, I am not paid by any of the mentioned website, companies, or links above. If you would like help getting more traffic to your website then try my Search Engine Optimization services or Social Media Marketing services. I am also willing to give out free advice if you email me : [email protected].

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