Generating Website Traffic

Generating website traffic is not as hard as it seems. It may feel like you are years away from getting the amount of traffic you would like to your website.

This is not a good feeling to have to live with, especially when you have invested hours upon hours of work in creating your site. There is nothing better than achieving your goal amount of website traffic. Just knowing that people look at your web page on a daily basis is enough to make anyone’s day. But knowing that thousands upon thousands of people rely on your website each day is even better.

Let’s say that you’ve got up an awesome website. You have probably invested weeks or even months into its content and graphics. But, you are not generating website traffic. What is the problem? Well, you obviously are going about it in all of the wrong ways.

Here are some great ways to start generating website traffic now:

1. Keep adding fresh, new content

It may seem like a tiring and useless process, but when you keep adding content, it lets those search engines know that your website is indeed, fresh and new. And who doesn’t love fresh and new? Adding continuous content also lets your visitors know that your website is important and interesting. People love to know that every time they visit your site that they will be getting something newer and better with each visit.

2. Add more graphics… but to a point

It has been proven that people would rather look at a website with lots of graphics than those that do not use them. You want your site to first be appealing to the eyes, and then people will start to pour in. Applying some basic art principles to color and style of your site can go a long way to improving your visitor’s experience.

And don’t forget to add that “alt” tag to your image html code. This is valuable content that the search engines use to determine your graphics’ relevance to the topic of the site or page.

3. Podcasting

This definitely isn’t for everyone. You really have to have a comfort– and style– in speaking into a microhone to an unknown audience. Probably the easiest way to start off doing a podcast is to record an interview you do with someone (look into Skype for recording conversations).

Putting your podcasts out there is another great way in generating website traffic. Believe it or not, people do listen. Give it a shot.

4. Participate in online forums

Join discussions and see how your website can help those on the forum. It’s best to pick one or 2 forums and participate often and effectively to get your name and website known. Make sure to add real value in your posts, not just posting something like “hey, nice comment” in order to get your signature file seen.

Give them links to your website, and also insert it as your signature. You would not believe the amount of people that participate in forums just to look at other people’s websites. Do it, it works.

5. Learn the art of link building

Link building really is a bit of an art (and a lot of elbow grease), and can help significantly in bringing more traffic to your pages. You can often do this by means of exchange. This is when two separate owners of two completely different websites agree to show the links of the other person’s website on their page.

Just be careful to exchange links with other websites that are of similar and relevant topics. If your site is about coffee it’s kind of pointless to exchange a link with a site about, say, tropical fish. But if your site is about building small houses, then exchanging a link with a blog about tiny house design holds a lot more significance.

You can insert links to your website in newsletters, online articles, and other directories. Your site will ultimately obtain wider search engine exposure. Link building is whole subject onto itself, really.

6. Make sure to respond to all of your e-mails on time

Quick response to e-mails and comments can help to create a professional relationship with your readers. This will in turn cause them to be more interested in the person behind the website, inevitably leading to generating website traffic.

7. Make an attempt to solve any problems

Any little glitch in your website that turns off a visitor… or makes them jump through too many hoops… will sour their experience. Unlike customers to a brick-and-mortar store, visitors to a website are just a little click away from leaving. Clicking the “back” button is waaaay too easy.

If there is something that they are concerned with, make an effort to reach out and better explain to them what the problem may be. Showing concern for your readers or subscribers will cause them to stay with your website longer, and most likely lead to them spreading the word about how nice of a person you are and how interesting your site is.

8. Stay consistent

Constantly add updates to your website, even if you are currently not generating website traffic. It does not matter; keep adding updates, new graphics, images, and links, whatever! All of that hard work will pay off.

As you can see, there are many ways to bring more traffic to your site. Although, the most effective ways include those listed above. You can choose to go with only one way if you prefer, but it is best to combine a variety of ways.

Remember that your traffic is not going to come all by itself. It is going to take some time, patience, and real work in order to get your website up and running with tons of traffic. But, once that day comes, you will be more than happy that you took the time needed to invest in ways to bring maximum traffic to your site.

You can choose to have one or one hundred websites, but if there isn’t any traffic coming to them, then what is the point?

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