Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing Requires Action

Getting started in affiliate marketing is relative easy, but it requires action. That’s sort of what getting started implies. However, many people think that it’s going to be easier than it really is. Therefore, they are not prepared for all the action or steps that must be implemented. Consequently, they give up on affiliate marketing and the opportunity to make money online before they really even get started.

Basically all you need to do in order to join an affiliate program is to fill out a form. But that’s not even the beginning. You first have to do a lot of research to find your niche and then find an affiliate program in that niche.

You need to do your keyword research to find out where and if money is being spent in your market. Do some offline research. For instance, are people buying magazines in you niche. What you are doing is trying to find an area to work in that suits you and that is profitable and of course that takes action.

Once you find your niche and affiliate program you can fill out the form and join it. But you are still many action steps from being successful at affiliate marketing.

Study what your competition is doing. Then determine that you will follow through with your affiliate program. Statistics show that about 90% of the people that want to be involved in affiliate marketing and sign up for an affiliate program will never do anything to promote the program they signed up for. In other words, they will take no action at all.

Earlier I mentioned finding out what you competition is doing. But, don’t worry about them. Just concentrate on your own promotions and make your best effort to promote your affiliate program.

Once you’ve take action to select your niche, you are getting close to being ready to get started. However, there are several other things that you will need to have in place before you can actually start your business as an affiliate marketer.

Like any other business, you will need some tools and you will need the tools that are appropriate for affiliate marketing. Also, you will need to learn how to use those tools. This again will require action on your part. Are you starting to get the idea that this new venture will require work? It will.

Let’s look at some of the tools that your must have in order to get started. In this context, I am just going to enumerate some of them, not go into a discussion of what they are or how to use them – that will be action that you must take.

You don’t have to acquire these tools in this order, but you will need to acquire them.

1. An email account

2. An Autoresponder

3. Keyword Research Tools

4. A List of Resources

5. Word Processor/Text Editor

6. A domain name for your niche

7. A Website

8. A means of keeping up with such things as affiliate products, affiliate links, commissions earned, commissions paid, advertising campaigns, affiliate tracking, login information, etc.

9. And more as you proceed with you business.

Running an online business involves staying up with the internet as it evolves – witness Twitter. What’s next is anyone’s guess, but you need to take the necessary actions to stay current.

That brings up another thing that you will need – some assets. Some of these tools will cost money. There are free alternatives but in some cases you should not accept these. This is especially true in the case of your autoresponder. You need to make sure you get one that will constantly make all attempts necessary to insure a high delivery rate.

Some other things that you will need are:

A web page or blog and the means to build these
An FTP program to upload information to your web site or blog
A reasonable good computer
An internet connection
A bookkeeping system to keep things straight for business and tax purposes
A home office or other place to run your business
And more

You should be able to see from just this introductory bit of information that you will have to take action, if you want to be successful with your affiliate marketing business. The end result of all this is that making money online requires action. No action, no business, no money.

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