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If you’re just starting your journey in internet marketing then hostgator would be your best hosting choice because hostgator has understood the needs of it’s audience (i.e webmasters who are just starting) perfectly and has provided lots of options in plans and in payment methods so that you don’t have to feel the burden of paying expensive monthly fees and can focus all your efforts on internet marketing.

Why Hostgator?

1. Very affordable and many choices

The reason why hostgator is so popular especially with bloggers and small businesses is the fact that it is very affordable.  Currently hostgator has three types of shared hosting plans:

Hatching Plan( For single domain)

If you will be needing hosting for only one domain then the hatching plan would be the best as it will cost you only around $7.16/month.

And in case you decide to be locked for a longer period of time ( say 3 year deal)- it can cost you only $3.96/month.

The plan offers the following:

Single domain

Unlimited bandwidth

Shared SSL certificate.

Baby Plan ( unlimited domains)

This gives you everything that comes with the hatching plan but also includes the option for unlimited domains.

This is by far the best plan because it strikes a good balance between affordability & performance and this is just $9.95 a month and you can save even more by prepaying yearly($7.95 per month) or by applying many of the hostgator coupon codes. Also in case you want to transition from hostgator baby plan to hostgator VPS or dedicated server, you would be able to do so easily by contacting the support.

For most webmasters,the hostgator baby plan is the most preferred which offers unlimited domains hosting and also allows multiple website hosting in one account and I also use this same plan and I currently have 5 domains but I only pay the same fee and you can create 50-100 websites on that “baby” plan for that one low price.

The baby plan includes:

1. Unlimited domains

2. Disk space

3. Bandwidth


5. Email accounts

6. Disk space

7. Shared SSL certificate

Business plan

The last plan is the business plan and it includes all the features from the first two plans but with the addition of a free private SSL and a dedicated IP with your own toll-free number for giving your website a professional look.

Basically this plan is designed keeping in mind e-commerce websites, businesses.

The business plan includes:

Free toll free number

Free private SSL certificate to host

Free IP address

Unlimited domains, disk space, unlimited bandwidth

This plan allows you to host ecommerce websites, process payment online and run your online business properly.

However this plan has a starting price of $10.36/month when you sign up for a 3 year deal.

2. Affordable plans and variety of payment methods:

When you’re just starting out, paying annually is not something you would be comfortable with. But with hostgator you’ve the choice to either pay monthly or to purchase upto 3 years of service at once.

Hostgator also give you the choice of making payments with Paypal which is not possible with other hosts..

3. Ease of Use – Cpanel

If you’re just starting Internet marketing then terms like FTP may  be alien to you. With hostgator you get a cpanel. The cpanel is very easy to use and it is like the main dashboard from which you can access your email accounts of all yout domains and using which you can install wordpress using any 3rd party software like fantastico or add any new domains to your server.

But if you want to use an alternative CMS like joomla or drupal, you can do that too. You can install more than 50 different popular webscripts using fantastico.

4. Choice of HTML or blog

If you’re a html freak,you can use the free sitebuilder of hostgator.With over 4,500 templates to choose from, you won’t have too hire any designer.

5. Reliability & Uptime

Hostgator offers 99.9% uptime gurantee because they have over 7000 servers in total. They host their sites on cutting edge dual xeon servers in their data centers in dallas. Also,their data centers are very efficient and currently connect to 10 backbone providers.

The dallas-fort and houston area communication infrasture is highly fiberoptic based, unlike other cities which still emply some cable and copper pathways.

Hostgator used to offer linux hosting only but as of 20th may 2011, hostgator shared windows hosting was released and hostgator is now offering two windows shared hosting plans:

1.Personal: Allows only one domain with unlimited bandwidth and diskspace.

2. Enterprise: Allows upto 5 domains with unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

6. Green Hosting Solution

If you’re someone who cares for the environment then what you can feel proud using hostgator is that they are really serious about doing their part to cut the huge carbon footprint by investing in some windmills in texas to help counterbalance the amount of non-renewable energy that they are using.

7. Unlimited Mysql and POP3 email accounts

With other hosting companies you’re only allowed to have a certain number of MySQL database. But with hostgator you get unlimited Mysql database and unlimited POP3 email accounts with SMTP.

8. Hostgator domains

Now, hostgator has started providing domain registrations also which you can register at  Now you may wonder that since there are other domain registration services such as namecheap, godaddy which are offering domains for as less as $10 a year, then why should you pay $5 extra to hostgator.

Hostgator is very much aware that they are competing with other domain registration companies who have already captured the market and so they could have offered a lower price to target more users to use their domain registration services.

But hostgator has done something different in terms of quality and not focussed on decreasing their quality. Most domain registrars have only one or two DNS servers with them.

DNS servers inform other computers on the internet as to where your domain is hosted and what services your domain name provides. So service quality could differ in case if your domain is hosted on DNS server which is having 60,000 other domain names at same time on it.

Now hostgator solves this problem by registering domain names with 6 different DNS servers around United states, so that you don’t have to worry about losing down times for your domains. This is the reason why you have to pay extra $5 to hostgator.

History Of Hostgator

Hostgator was founded in 2002 and has been providing web hosting solutions for over 9 years now. It is a perfectly owned web hosting company.

They provide hosting service for more than 1,000,000 websites and lead in hosting reseller accounts with over 20,000 resellers. Currently it has 2 millions domains being hosted (as of september 2010) and the numbers keep growing each day.

What About The Support?

During the initial stages of my internet marketing journey, I’ve primarily faced many problems related to hosting and I’ve taken the support of their live chat and never had to email them or wait for an answer.

They’re also reachable by email if you don’t have an urgent question and they also are reachable by phone too.

They offer 24/7 support.

Hostgator also has a community forum where clients can communicate with other clients and share opinions.

Their live chat is very supportive and they have answered all my basic and fundamental questions related to hosting. Their support is not outsourced to third world countries.

They provide a wide variety of value added services free of cost. One of such value added services include the tutorial videos which can help the customers know everything about hosting services and their benefits.

Once I had also received email from hostgator that my server is infected with Malware. I was shocked and I thought that my server has been hacked. Luckily I followed hostgator’s instructions and got rid of all the malware fast.

This is a prime example that what hostgator is doing is not a lot of other companies would strive to do. i.e run their virus scan software on your server or diagonise entry points where hackers might have tried to compromise your service.


Pros and Cons


Free website transfer
Domain transfer
Free sitebuilder with over 4,500 free web templates.
Fantastico to make it easy for installing scripts on your domains.
Ability to create unlimited sub-domains, FTP Accounts, MySQL databases and POP3 Email Accounts.
Cpanel with Fantastico & PHP 5, Ecommerce, blog, forum, Joomla, Drupal.
Free Google Adwords credit. 52 scripts can be installed in your account with a few clicks.



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