JavaScript: The Good Parts Review

All those computer professionals searching for detailed and effective reading material regarding Java Script should consider “Java Script: The Good Parts”. The book has been written by Douglas Crockford and has sufficient and good reading material for computer students and professionals. His recurrent blog posts, articles and other websites related to diverse computer languages are also noteworthy. His blogs and articles have supported the JavaScript and other related computer languages in the most perfect manner. Users from all over the world are deeply satisfied by his computer publications that are detailed, accurate and specific. This book is extremely useful for all those computer aspirants willing to make a career in computer industry. The book may be the best possible alternative for novices and experienced individuals also. Each and every aspect of JavaScript is comprehensively written in the book thereby enhancing its effectiveness and meticulousness. All the references and other details with respect to JavaScript are intelligently written in this book by Douglas Crockford.

It has been observed that the book is a clever combination of component language briefing, apologia along with part critique. As a result readers will be able to interpret each and every aspect of JavaScript in the most perfect technique according to their expectations. Critics have an opinion that the book draws inspiration and has relevant content from the author’s earlier articles and blogs concerning JavaScript. The basic idea of the book is to impart enough information to readers about how to use JavaScript in the most authentic technique and how one should avoid errors while executing this language. The overall language of the book is very simple and straightforward without any inhibitions. Hence each and every reader will be able to understand the meaning of the content. The book’s intention is to separate the good parts of JavaScript from any bad parts so that a reader could understand the entire content systematically.


The author seeks to portray the supremacy and expressiveness of this effective computer language in the easiest technique for its readers. On the other hand he tries to incorporate accurate prototypal heritage, unparalleled functions, conclusions, energetic objects, and entity/array literal sentence structure. In order to give the finest interpretation of the language he illustrates the low level functions, types, operatives, reports and syntax in the most methodical manner avoiding errors. Therefore readers are very satisfied by the clear and uncomplicated interpretation of this book.

Douglas Crockford while writing this book tries to include each and every detail pertaining to JavaScript and weighs each sentence quite systematically in order to make it certain that his work introduces novel concepts that may be useful for readers over the world. Throughout his writing, he includes the plain, simple and concise style of writing that could be helpful for both novices and experienced. Students and other computer professionals would definitely appreciate the style of writing in this book without any doubt. The book tries to portray the difficult aspects of JavaScript in the simplest technique.

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