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Mothering, working, wife-ing, cleaning, etc. etc. all led me to skip homemade paper supplies (like invitations and signage) for my daughter’s first birthday as well as an upcoming group birthday party in December. I came across Paper Patterns by Lindsey Smith  on Etsy and fell in love! It was a great decision to let someone else do the work: I got something so creative I don’t think I ever would have thought of something so cute to make, it freed up my time to do other things, and I made a new friend!

I purchased two sets from her: A Lady Bug set for my daughter’s first birthday and a Mickey Mouse set for the group birthday party.

The Lady Bug set included:

The Mickey Mouse set included:

* Invitations
* Centerpiece
* Birthday Sign

What made you get into invitations, banners, and other paper works?
I am crazy about throwing fantastic parties and that means you have to have amazing decorations! This is how I began Paper Patterns…party city is great and all but they really do not have that homemade special touch every party needs!

Do you do any work outside of paper products?
I have recently started making signs out of 50 year old barn wood. I use paper and other materials to make personal pieces. I have recently launched this product in a craft fair to try it out and will be posting on etsy soon! So keep your eyes peeled!

What is your favorite thing to make?
My personal favorite thing to make is a complete party set, this just gives me delight knowing the party will be completed with Paper Patterns!

How long ago did you start your Etsy store, and how has it been working through Etsy?
I started Paper Patterns on Etsy June of 2011, just a short time ago…loving every minute of it!

How often do you post new themed work for sale on your Etsy store? Do you take custom ideas and orders?
I try to post something new every week, although with a one year old I post as I can and sometimes it is less frequent. The more products I post the more exposure I am getting and the greater my appeal to a wider audience.

What has been the most outrageous idea and/or request from a customer?
Outrageous, nothing is too outrageous in regards to party supplies…although a 2 day turn around time is a bit outrageous!

What is one project you would love to work on but haven’t yet?
Hum, I would love to start doing some wedding table cards, candy bar tags, ect…

Where do you get your ideas and creativity from?
I always tell people I was born with 2 right brains and no left…a lot of creativity comes from my head but of course all things creative from others inspire me as well and allow my 2 right brains to run widly!

In my experience, a lot of people claim to not be creative. What advice do you have to others to find that creative spark?
I think everyone can be creative…art is beautiful in every form, it just might not be conventional. So, to the uncreative find the one thing you LIKE to do and put some passion into it, what a piece of art it will be!!

As a working mother, what has been the biggest challenge you have faced? What advice do you have for other working mothers?
Biggest challenge is TIME!!!!! Can anyone lend me any? Advice to other mom’s…find a way to stay home with your baby if it is your calling! God is good and has given me this opportunity, for this I can not thank Him enough!!!!


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