Main differences between the Laptop, Notebook and Netbook Computer

If you’re a computer fan, you’re no doubt used to spending lots of time in computer shops or surfing the web to locate computer stores where you can find your favorite computers and accessories. In any of these shops, you will see a huge selection of different types of computers from the traditional desktop PC to laptop computers, Notebooks and Netbook computers as well as iPads and various other components.

In the circumstances, have you ever wondered about the differences in these computers? All of them offer us the same facilities and features with very slight differences among them with the main difference being the size with the laptop being the largest and the Notebook computer and Netbook coming thereafter. We all know that it was the Laptop which created such a storm in the world of computers when they were first introduced. Today almost everyone has one of these and it’s no big deal to see someone carrying a laptop with them on the bus or train.

The truth is that there’s hardly any difference except what the manufacturers decided to call their own creations. As the name suggests, the Laptop computer was designed to be kept on the lap to make it easy to use while traveling. But have you noticed how soon you feel the heat of the machine invading your lap making it very uncomfortable at times. When this was brought to the notice of manufacturers they simply changed the name from Laptop to Notebook to discourage people from operating them by keeping the machine on their laps. Another reason was that it tended to block the cooling vents of the computer when kept on the lap thereby damaging the hard drive in view of the vibration it caused. So there we had the Notebook computer which was only smaller in size to the Laptop with hardly any other differences in features.

Netbook computers on the other hand are drastically scaled down versions of the Notebook but with all the most important features being there. A Netbook computer will usually have a screen size of 8” to 10” whereas a Notebook computer normally comes with an 11” screen making it the ideal computer to play games on. There are of course Notebooks with larger screens that are bigger and heavier. But then, what’s the point in buying such a machine because the whole point in going for a smaller, lighter Notebook is its portability and if you wish to buy a Netbook with a larger screen, you could just as well buy a laptop for the same price.

Something else you should consider if you wish to buy a Notebook or Netbook computer is the size of your fingers. The smaller Netbook has very small keys and if you have large fingers you will find it extremely frustrating to use the keyboard on these machines with the chance of two or more keys being smashed at the same time. When buying a Laptop or any of the other computers, check the battery life as well and don’t simply believe what the salesman says because in most cases the actual battery life is much less than what they would tell you.


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