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HI!!! Okay, yes I know, I suck because I haven’t been filling you guys in on all the exciting things happening in my life. Gah, I am not very good at this. And then I wait until times like now when I am completely overwhelmed with God’s crazyness and now I feel like whatever I possibly get out of my head and onto this computer screen will surely be complete nonsense. Are you ready to bare with me? Okay. Here we go!
So, as some of you may know, my family was just visiting and I had a friend here as well so I had a little time off. It was amazing, to say the least. Actually I couldn’t have planned it to be any better I dont think. Being with my family provided a really comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for me to just be with people who love me, and that was nice, but we still did alot of stuff. I mean we surfed and surfed and surfed, and then we hiked, and snorkeled, and jumped big rocks and climbed up to waterfalls, we went to a luau and well, I would just say we covered alot of ground! It was beautiful and definitely what I needed. Not to mention that I got to see Harbor, my big brother who I never see let alone get to surf with. And on top of that, Addie and I surfed pipe! Yep, her second day here pipeline was breaking, and we got to surf it together, an experience I will have with me forever. Now before I get to the embarrassingly true part, I’m going to explain what my role is here right now and what’s coming up.
STN now has a summer program. Basically set up for surfing the nations alumni and those who cant commit to a three month internship but want to come and serve for the summer in between school or work. And I am now on staff for the summer program. This means I have a different schedule than other staff members, but I get to work with our “campers,” to help make sure their time here serving is memorable. We have great fellowship together, and also spend our outreach time showing them the real need there is with Hawaii’s homeless through feeding programs and other outreaches to the homeless. We also get to do fun stuff like beach clean ups, learning hula, hiking and kayaking. I am excited because I really feel like I can help in this ministry.
Im leaving for bali in like 2 1/2 weeks! Praise God, isn’t he so faithful? I am excited because my indonesian has held up well and I feel like God has really spoken to me about this year being a benchmark year for me there, so I am believing for Him to do big things! I think it will blow my past years out of the water! Amen!
I’m also spending two weeks in Bali away from STN serving at the youth center I worked at last year, which Shoreline Church supports. I am excited to see the young boys there who have given there lives to Christ and see what God has done as they’ve grown. I really want to be a servant to them while I’m there, and I’m also coming with lots of goodies!!
When I come back and when summer program ends, I will then be officially apart of Hawaii’s inter-island outreach team. This is big because they do inter island trips every 2 or 3 months so I will be so busy. Its not like planning an annual trip where you have a year to prepare, so its alot of work. But I am so amped because these trips are mostly for interns at STN so I will get to encourage them and thats really exciting. Also, as one of the most avid surfers here, I will be trying to get STN’s surf team up and running.
So thats what’s happening now. Exciting, hey? Well anyways I wanted to share some embarrassingly true confessions with you guys. And mothers, if you have young daughters, feel free to refer them to this raw blog, I pray that they can learn from my stupidity!
So when my family came here and I was staying with them, a phenomenon occurred. See I live with like 25 boys and we could care less about being romantic because we’re all so focused on being romantic with Jesus. (haha amen. ) So when I left the base and was staying in Waikiki it was like, WHOAH, there are boys everywhere. Well there’s a boy that I think is pretty cute, I met him a couple years ago through surfing the nations. And well he invited me and a friend to hang out. And I TANKED. I mean absolutely TANKED. But all knew how to do, how to be cute and how to get his attention, was based on shallow things. I cared so much about the way I looked and what I said and what I talked about. I was like, what is happening to me?? But this is all I’ve ever known how to do, I feel like its programmed in my genes or something. Well, you ever get home from a date or seeing a guy and you get in bed and you just want to bang your head on the headboard like, “what was I thinking, and why did I say THAT! ahhhhh!” ?? Well that was the feeling I was experiencing. I was quite bummed actually. And Im pretty positive he will not be calling me. But then today I was worshiping God and kind of apologizing for worrying so much about what this guy thought about me when God showed me something. He was like, your heart after me is far more beautiful and admirable than any makeup or cute dance or anything you could do on the outside to gain recognition. And I was like, BAM! Whoah, so true! Its so amazing to know that after years of stupid relationships and guys and mess ups, I can finally see that my heart after God is worth far more than a heart striving for a boys recognition. Its a beautiful thing.
Anyway, isnt that embarrassingly true. Maybe I am just being dramatic, maybe I didnt tank that badly, but it was definitely pretty bad. Oh goodness. Anyways I hope you all can laugh at me so I can stop nervously laughing at myself.
See you on the flipside! Aloha

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