Monica Vinader brings out the Real Woman in you

People like you and I, from where do we buy our jewelry? Not from Cartier, Vancleef or Tiffany for sure because they are way beyond our meager salaries and just the insurance on these expensive adornments would be more valuable than we ever could be. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have the best of them at more affordable prices and flaunt them too without worrying about our safety and that of the jewelry all the time.

That’s one of the main reasons why Monica Vinader jewelry has become so popular in such a short time. From the time she introduced her most popular collection of Fiji bracelets, there hasn’t been a woman on earth who didn’t want to possess one of them. Made out of sterling silver with an adjustable band to fit any wrist, they came in various colors and unique symbols with each bracelet having a message of its own to characterize its owner. That’s how Monica Vinader became so popular in the world of jewelry and one could think it even incredible how such a simple concept became a global fashion that could take its creator to such heights.

Monica was born in Spain; but being a true explorer at heart and a lover of nature she fed her curiosity by traveling the world to find strange and beautiful objects from all corners of the universe. It was nature and the elements that inspired her and Monica transferred all the passion and wonders of her travels to works of art by creating marvelous pieces of jewelry that had Monica Vinader’s stamp of individuality on them. She was not one for ostentatious jewelry, but preferred simple and natural lines and made her own settings out of rose gold or sterling silver to bring out the true beauty of the semi precious stones she used in them.

Although she started her business for a small private clientele; such talent could never be hidden for long and it wasn’t long before the name Monica Vinader was being whispered from ear to ear and her exquisite collection of jewelry was showcased right across the globe in most of the major cities from UK to Japan to USA. Celebrities no less than Keira Knightly, Cameron Diaz, and Danni Minnogue among others are said to own and treasure Monica’s jewelry which itself is proof enough of her talent and popularity. But this in no way means that lesser mortals like you and I cannot own these pretty pieces because they are well within our means and has a large collection to choose from as well.

Women wear jewelry for many reasons and all of them say “Look at me, I’m Unique” Wearing Monica Vinader jewelry means all that and more because they not only add to your stature and personality but brings out the woman within you to make you an individual who doesn’t want to be branded with everyone else. This is amply proved on her website where it’s possible for you to design your very own Monica Vinader necklace by selecting pieces of your choice to create something that is completely you, and not the shadow of some other woman.

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