Play Jeux Xbox Live for the best gaming experience

Gaming has come of age and most gaming sites offer their fans and members the chance of enjoying free games online which has been a tremendous opportunity for everyone who love playing games at all times of the day. Xbox Live however happens to be the only service that charges for playing multiple games on their console and its worth knowing what they are to enable everyone interested to find the category that suits them best.

As you’re most probably aware by now, jeux Xbox live is a distribution service for Xbox 360 through which you can download and play games of your choice or chat with friends, download music or movies etc. But in order to get access to all these services, you have to subscribe to the website and it’s only thereafter that you will be allowed to chat, stream movies or play jeux Xbox multiplayer games of your choice.

There is however a category called Xbox Live Silver which is in fact a free service where a user can create a profile free of charge as well as access the Marketplace but with restrictions where it’s possible to download only small games that have been created by private developers and not those created by major publishers. Although it is called, Free, jeux Xbox Free only provides access and anyone wanting to download any of the three hundred or so arcade games available will be allowed to do so only after paying $2 to $15 depending on the games you have selected.

On the other hand, the paid subscription that Microsoft has introduced is knows as jeux Xbox Live Gold which is a complete package that comes with everything including live online gaming, video chats with more than one person at a time and even online tournaments as well as all that’s offered free of charge on jeux Xbox Free or Silver package. The easiest way to upgrade to Xbox Live Gold is by using your credit card if you’re already a member of the Free category and if not you can buy the Gold subscription card that comes in 3 different price structures.

The jeux Xbox Live Gold membership card valid for one month is $7.99, while the 3 months valid subscription is $19.99 and the most popular one year subscription is $49.99 which provides you with an opportunity to play all the games you like right throughout the year without wondering when your subscription will run out.

If you do have a jeux Xbox 360 console but not connected to play live games, you are missing out on the most amount of fun and you should therefore get this done as soon as possible. There is more than one way of connecting the console to the internet and that is either by using an internet modem or through a wireless adapter. You can also connect the jeux Xbox to your PC or laptop through an Ethernet cable to establish a connection in order to become a part of the local network. Once the settings are configured, all you have to do is visit the Xbox website and activate your membership and enjoy your live gaming experience.

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