Skateboard deck is an important part of a skateboard. Without it one cannot form a skateboard. Hence you should know which deck is best for making skateboard. Because there are many option in your pocket to buy deck. But all decks do not provide you the desired thrill and service you look for. So it will be a wise decision if you look for the best and branded product. You may ask by yourself how you chose the best skateboard desk, right? Well, don’t worry we are here to make your decision quite easy. Now I am going to write about top 10 best skateboard decks in the world serially.


Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck is one of the best skateboard decks in the world. It gives you a natural taste as it comes from that. In fact it is amazing because it has perfect shape and it is very slim. The pop is awesome and the incurvation is very deep. However this deck is highly recommended to all if you look for making a skateboard by yourself.

Blank 7.5” Skateboard Deck (white) plus grip tape is in the second position by the customers’ choice. It is so because of its excellent quality. This board is very strong, it is made well with iron hand and its grip tape is really distinctive. One can blindly purchase this deck if they are very new over skateboarding.

Blank Skateboard Deck is in the third position according to our survey. It is a nice product having a lot of reasons for what customers buy it. However, this blank deck is come off with transparent paint, natural color and a chance of customizing it with your own colorful eyes. It is durable and slim as well so it can easily be used by both beginners and advanced riders. Besides, you can buy it at cheaper rate than any other skate board in the market.

Mini Logo is the trustworthy deck in the Industry. This Skateboard Deck is made in China. It is highly good quality deck within satisfactory cost. Mini Logo heavies its experience by working for long 35 years with fame and trust of the valued customers because it truly ensures the best sizes, shapes and customer’s satisfaction. If you make your skateboard with this deck, you must get an ordinary thrill. So try it for once.

Skate One Mini – Logo Skateboard Deck is one of the finest boards among the best skateboard decks. It looks pretty nice because it has been designed by professional skaters. However, the price is so cheap so anybody can buy it without seeing the price menu of it.

Moose Old School Skateboard Deck is designed with great passion thinking about the old school skaters in mind. This deck has intentionally indented with a kicked tail and nose. As a skateboarder whether you are beginner or advanced, you will enjoy much having a skateboard made with this deck. So create unlimited fun with Moose Old School Skateboard Deck.

Shaun White Supply Co. Pro Skateboard Deck is a fantastic deck made with 7ply Canadian maple wood. It had been rewarded Olympic gold medal for two times. Now Shaun White has started partnership along with D6 Sports to generate his own action sports product line not only that they are committed to generate excellent quality but at affordable cost to fulfill customers’ satisfaction. If you keep this deck in your chosen note, it will give you a cost and better using experience. So try to have one of them today.

Powell-Peralta Explode Skateboard Deck is in the 8th position in our ranking among the world rest other famous decks. This board has a great value and it is made with quality parts by a group of experts from China. It looks nice and catchy. Its price is not so high. This graphical deck is so durable. So, one can make a nice skateboard with this deck.

Powell-Peralta Bat Skull Skateboard Deck, Yellow/Blue is one of the best decks in this industry. As you have decided to make your board separately, you can choose this deck if you want to give an extra glimpse. It is fashionable and durable too. Check it for once.

This Board is in the 10th position in our ranking. It is a kind of good quality deck that is made in U.S.A by a number of professional hands. Within very short time it plucks customers’ full attraction for its quality and attractive color. Any way, you can form an excellent skateboard with this deck. Its price is affordable and size is suitable for making any kind of skateboard.

In fine, we can say that any of the above deck can be helpful for you, when you wish to make a separate skateboard by yourself. However, after a long research we have decided about the above top 10 decks as best fit for you. Well, if you are benefitted with the decks our attempts will get cost. Oh! Yes, if you have any quarries regarding any issue we have written, please do not hesitate to contact with our support team. Thank you.

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