Top 10 eBay Tips

Those new to eBay will certainly make mistakes. There are some more common mistakes that are easy to avoid as long as you are aware of what they are and prepare yourself to avoid them in advance.

1.Get yourself some feedback first

Nobody wants to be the first to cross that shaky bridge. Who knows what could happen. No one wants to test the waters on a seller without any feedback. This is solved pretty easily. Go shopping. Buy some things on eBay you would normally purchase at the local store anyway. You rack up some positive feedback and tada! No longer are you the shadowy, questionable figure without feedback.

2. Take good pictures

Pictures are critical to making the sale. Make sure they are as clear and pristine as possible. No need to get crazy. You don’t need a professional photographer or studio equipment. Just make sure they look nice.

3. Include Contact Info in Your Listing

Not everyone wants to include this information. However, a phone number and email address in your listing shows potential buyers you can be easily reached for any questions or problems.

4. Respond to Customers’ Questions Immediately

Nowadays, people want it now. Smartphones have greatly expanded potenial eBay buyers. Now they don’t have to wait to get home to ask questions or place bids. Now they can ask you questions and bid on your items from practically anywhere. If you don’t have a smartphone, get one. You can have your eBay info on it and respond to potential buyers quickly. Its important that you don’t delay answering questions. Some bidders only find your item in the last few hours of the auction and you need to respond quickly to them.

5. Don’t Accept Cash in the Mail

We highly recommend Paypal. Its the most common form of payment on eBay and the help to protect both buyer and seller. Cash in the mail leaves no paper trail and can get you in trouble.

6.Price Your Sales By The Market

Use one of the research tools such as HammerTap or Terrapeak to provide a fairly accurate idea of value.

7. Don’t Try To Play Games With Shipping Costs

This used to be pretty popular. A seller would list something at a very low price and charge outrageous shipping fees. Buyers which weren’t paying attention would buy the item only to see the ridiculous shipping charges. These types of transactions result in negative feedback, canceled sales and an all around bad experience. Make your shipping charges fair and clear.

8. Have a User ID that Reflects Your Products

An ID relevant to your business, such as “RefillInk”, provides more credibility than an ID like “2Cool4You”.

9. Don’t Use Unknown Brand Names in Your Titles

Of all items sold on eBay, 60% are found using the search function, which only searches main titles. You’re given 55 characters to sell your item — don’t waste them on terms for which nobody’s searching.

10. Don’t Use Misleading Brand Names in Your Titles

In other words, don’t put “Disney” in your listing title for a teddy bear, unless he’s Winnie the Pooh or some other Disney creation. In addition to violating your customers’ trust and garnering a bad reputation, you’ll also end up in eBay’s doghouse.



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