Why Is My Computer Running Slow

Computer Running Slow

Is your computer running slow? Mine was until I worked out how to fix it.

Here’s how I mended my slow computer, and Ithink it would fix yours as well. A number of weeks ago I asked myself why is my computer running slow ? I assume we all has been there at some point, where your computer locks up and won’t respond to mouse clicks. This was much worse! My PC just got slower and slower over a few weeks. Gawd, it was driving me crazy. I am on Windows XP, but I suppose it might happen on any PC operating system. I have been adding some new software recently, but it seems to have been slowing down for a a few weeks now.

After a few weeks of googling around on the web, I found the anwswer, which was so easy once I realised what it was. It took me less than 15 mins from start to finish to fix it! Click here to discover what I used to speed up my computer .

My problem machine is a laptop computer. My desktop has been ok, but then I’ve not touched my desktop for ages so I guess that makes sense. I don’t normally get computer problems, and my laptop computer has been working great since I bought it around 2 years ago. It’s a home computer and it gets used by girlfriend alot. Some of my mates use it to, when they come around and stay.

Occasionally it’s all working ok and then out of the blue, I move the mouse and nothing happens. After about 60 seconds it then begins to work again and the mouse responds. Another time, I’m surfing the net and the site I’m trying to access takes an age to come up. This can be a web page that a few mins ago worked well. This is when I holla why is my computer running slow !

Another thing that’s happened is that it now takes ages to reboot. I’ve had to leave the thing on all the time now, as I don’t like having to wait for it to boot up! How mad is that! My work collegues have said that I need to clean the registry and get a registry cleaner. This gave me a few ideas of ideas to try. Others said it might be a virus or that I need to remove adware. What I didn’t want to have to do was to complete windows reinstall as this takes forever and i’d probably loose most of my current settings and files.

Anyway, i could go on and on as it’s been driving my mad for a few weeks, but the good news is that there was a simple solution. I stumbled across a site that let me download for free a program that fixed my laptop. It now runs much faster and I don’t get any more slow downs. Even net access is faster. It’s worth a try and it worked for me. Click here to go to the product website .

Let me know how you get on.

Thanks for reading!


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