Why Is My Computer Slow?

Even with excellent anti-virus and malware software applications available today computers will have many problems through their working lives.

Assistance with slow computers come in many forms. Computer repair and protection is an extremely large business today. But virus defense is not enough. Computers are exposed to many types of risky files that can gain access to and corrupt even the best computers. .

(1) Protecting your computer is the best defense. There are a lot of levels of quality in virus programs. When you get a computer there will be a virus protection software available for a trial period free of charge. After 30 to 60 days you will be continually asked to upgrade and pay an annual fee. Avast anti-virus is greatly recommended by many computer techs. The home version is free with only an annual re-registering and posting a new registration code number. It will take only five minutes for them to transmit you an email and then you simply copy and paste the new code. This is first-rate protection and does a “boot scan” that most other anti-virus software do not. A boot scan is run before Windows opens on computer start-up. This virus scan has found a lot of viruses that other anti-virus software applications have not found. This is vital because of all the destruction viruses do to computers.

(2) Remove software and programs that are not being used. All computers have programs installed when they are brand new that are not considered necessary or even wanted by the owner. A lot are like commercials hoping to talk you into buying their products. To do away with un-used software applications go to the “Control Panel” and then to Programs and Features. There just pick a program and click on “un-install”. But check this out and be careful . If you un-install the incorrect program you may disable something in your PC you do not want to. The listing does give you the date the application was last opened but the names are not always understandable enough to know exactly what you are about to remove. So research may be wise.

(3) And now try a registry cleaning. The best and safest way to clean up and repair your computer is to use a “windows registry” fixer service. With time and use the registry of any computer will become disorganized and contain errors and duplicates that will make your computer very slow. A defrag will probably help some but a good registry cleaner can repair, remove and organize your registry data. There are many registry clean-up programs available but there are of course all levels of performance. You can do a free scan with most of these cleaners and see what errors and other problems are found. It will just take a couple of minutes for the scan to tell you whether or not your PC has to have a registry cleaning. It is a safe and easy first step that can save you money and a lot of time.

As you study Registry Cleaners to repair a slow computer, you should try to locate one that has been tried and tested, offers the free on line scan, and has received high ratings by owners for performance and overall usability.


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