Email Marketing Success Formula

To be successful at Email Marketing, people need to get to know you before they can think about liking you. Then they need to like you before the begin to trust you. Only when they trust you or better said, you have earned their trust, do you have a friend that will buy from you.

There’s a formula that will help you bring people through this process.

TEACH THEM – Just like I’m doing now is teaching you something you didn’t know. First I did my research and then gathered up my own thoughts about what I have learned, then I’m teaching you what I have experienced myself along with what I have learned. Don’t make this hard because there’s over a billion people online that are wanting to learn something everyday. You just research and learn enough about anything you like, to teach others what you have learned. It also means you don’t even need to be an expert to teach something you are passionate about. Your research and learning will earn you trust but only if you are teaching others about it. You can’t keep all the knowledge to yourself, what fun would that be unless you are going for a game show! If you are online, the name of the game is to share your knowledge with others, any way you want. That could be in video form, blogging, article writing, writing books, whatever you choose. The best part about teaching others is you don’t have to wait until you know everything about the subject, you just need to know enough to help others.

Bless Them – People that have been on your list for a while, opening your emails need to be blessed in a special way. Remember all those E-Books you have downloaded, those videos that have helped you learn something? Give those to your list and treat them special because they have been a true friend to you and deserve to be blessed with the extra things that you have gathered in your learning and research process. Remember you are wanting to be liked and doesn’t everybody like free gifts with nothing in return. Isn’t it fun to surprise people with gifts anyway, just because you think they will like what you have found and they came to mind when you found it. Actually, this is my whole motive of searching out things that might help others and surprising them with what I have found. That gives me more joy than anything else. Call me silly but its like a treasure chest out there and when I pull something out, I want to shout “look what I found, who wants/needs this?”

Get To Know Them – How do you get to know them? By asking questions, by reading the comments from your audience. By even telling them they can hit reply to your emails and say anything, ask anything they want, it’s a two way communication. By giving them your phone number to call and answering your phone, only remember to time the call for no longer than 15 mins. After that amount of time, you are coaching them which means you are getting paid for a coaching call. Your time from your family and loved ones is not unlimited time.

Give Them Solutions – People are looking for solutions to their problems, so give them solutions to their problems. Research the problem enough, if you aren’t having that problem to know what a solution might be. It’s always, always best if you use the solution yourself so you can really know if the solution is going work for that problem. I know, I’m talking in circles but think about this, don’t you have to know about the problem to know if a solution will work. When you are suggesting a product for a solution, talk about what the product will do for THAT buyer, not just what the product can do for everybody that uses it. You want to know the needs of your buyers in order to speak to them in a way that will help them instead of selling just another product, like throwing mud against the wall and seeing what sticks.

Give Them Actions – Not all actions are for them to buy something. It might be to download a free trial, watch something, give them specific actions you want them to do. Bottom line, only promote what you know works and use yourself. Give them a very good reason of why you are recommending a product.

The one thing you want to do is only have a list big enough to get to know the list, get to know their needs and give them the solutions to those needs because no matter what – they are trusted friends and trusted friends are too special to not treat well.

To Freedom,

Susan Ray Martin

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